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The influence of a chair is conditioned by its dynamism and its ability to disseminate its results and questions to the academic world, students and practitioners on the major issues of the moment. The Eugène Pierre Chair's website will actively participate in achieving this objective by sharing its news with everyone.

The scientific methods of dissemination are organized around the :

- Colloquia organized by the Chair or in which its members participate;

- Publications relayed by the Chair;

- Summer school

The Journal of the Eugène Pierre Chair is not a scientific journal, a blog or a mood piece, but rather reflections and analyses offered to the greatest number of people, subjects questioned and, in the end, points of view brought to the attention of each reader . The digital way and the conciseness have been chosen. The pen is carried by authors as different as experts, practitioners, teachers-researchers or students but all have in common to express themselves around the subjects which interest the Eugène Pierre Chair - Studies in the law of parliamentary and local assemblies and election law. We therefore invite authors, whoever they may be, to express their views on parliamentarianism, elections, democracy or the disputes they involve!